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The Canada CETA is European legislation

The EU/Canada CETA currently under negotiation has been shown to hold many similarities, nay, ”even copies of existing articles in European legislation.

On euwiki.org is listed in order articles from the EU-Canada CETA and corresponding articles from EU directives. The CETA Sub-Section 3 seems to be a direct copy-paste of the articles of the IPRED1 directive. They’ve just left out inter-member state bureaucracy coordination.

I’m guessing the Commission can argue that they’re not acting legislators since European legislators have already decided that above mentioned directives and articles are A-OK. Michael Geist, however, writes that we’re definitely exporting legislation alien to the Canadian legal system, and he ought to know.

An FTA was already signed between EU and South Korea, and the enforcement sections (allegedly IPRED1 articles) are more or less the same in both agreements. How was EU legislation passed in the Korean state?

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