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There is another thing.

Supposing that the Korea FTA and Canada CETA are accepted, we can assume that ACTA will at least not contradict this legislation. ACTA will with a high likelyhood contain enforcement provisions, intellectual property rights provision exceeding those of previous acquis communautaire (but included in IPRED2 draft) and customs regulation.

So we need to make diffs between the Korea FTA, Canada CETA and existing EU legislation from eur-lex.eu. We have a script for this, which creates a list comparing the agreement texts with directive text. Available dumps can be found here.

However, we also need to create a way to illustrate the differences in a good way. We’re using euwiki.org for making these diff tables. It’s not nice-looking, so we need a better way of creating wiki-diffs or other diff tables that provide an easy-to-overview diff.

We’re greatful for any help.

Yeah. I’m an adamant blogger today.

  1. januari 15, 2010 kl. 18:31

    Here, these dumps are perhaps easier to work with:



  2. ba
    januari 18, 2010 kl. 18:15

    If the following could be activated on the wiki-site it could maybe make for a better diff?


    I ran an example of the text on a mediawiki installation I run and this is the result:

    The Visual Diff page has a link to a java app that can do these kinds of diffs in a script.

  3. teirdez
    januari 19, 2010 kl. 18:09

    Wow. I really liked that engine!

    It’s a lot easier to read than the current method we’re using (I think). It has been passed to the administrators of euwiki.org :)

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