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Smart transport on the road

The information society truly is a beautiful thing. This morning begun with an intra-Green group meeting on ACTA. There is now an informal time table and action plan for how to approach MEPs about the ACTA issues.

An old dossier where a final proposal (that appears to still be unpublished :(( ) has been agreed upon by the Council and the Parliament, that is currently coming up for a second reading decision in the European parliament plenary session concerns intelligent transport systems.

Intelligent transport systems are a part of the ongoing development of a deeper, more ubiquitous information infrastructure. They constitute a small part of a number of technological and regulatory reformso that will facilitate commerce or service for consumers (including in information), but a part of the information society offense that seems not to be talked about a lot.

I only realised I could write about it when I read about train accidents in Stockholm. Stockholm has started implementing smart transport systems already, and are referenced as a positive examples of gains from ubiquitous information technology infrastructure by the Commission. Smart transport systems can also include tracing of goods in transport, or monitoring of lorry drivers to make sure they are not so tired that they constitute a danger to other traffic.

Add to this measuring how far each car is travelling to determine how much road tax each car owner should pay, or fees for moving in and out of cities.

The reforms are not in themselves undesirable – to be fair they’re often convenient from both an environmental and time consumption perspective, and they benefit both consumers and businesses, but they require careful consideration with respect to information management. Even if all the systems are independent of one another, the total amount of small pieces of data is large.

This afternoon holds a meeting on Argentinian media law at 1500, laundry and a fika with Google in the evening. Tomorrow I am off to Barcelona to participate in a Blocs & Clubs event. I will also meet Spanish pirates (and German ones!) and am greatly looking forward to this!

Courtesy of Mab there is now also, in Swedish, information about strategies for the inauguration of Lisbon MEPs.

  1. Seth Johnson
    februari 25, 2010 kl. 15:11

    Just so long as ”transport” doesn’t refer to Internet packets! :-)

  2. Seth Johnson
    februari 25, 2010 kl. 15:35

    To clarify: we don’t need ”intelligent” transport of Internet packets. Applications above the IP layer on ubiquitous information infrastructure? Sure. If you need a better explanation, ask away. :-)

  3. teirdez
    februari 26, 2010 kl. 07:51

    @Seth: Nee. ”Above the IP layer” I need a better explanation of, yes. I think the idea is that we will eventually have ”internet” applications that let us perform all sorts of miraculous actions of efficiency and customizability. It’s not all bad, but it requires some serious careful treading.

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