Religious revelations

Sometimes I truly feel I live a grand life.

Reading up on my El Reg-feed, which I have carefully neglected for a month, I see that the infamous hacker collective Anonymous has hacked Westboro Baptists. Apparently some of them now suspect this was the result of a Baptist honeypot action by the communion, the purpose of which was to track down IP addresses guilty of using the equally infamous LOIC tool. Ironically, the Portuguese government is also using honeypots for the same nefarious reasons, except, in Portugal it is a targetted action against the users of file-sharing technologies. At least, presumably, IP address of users that aren’t anonymising their villainous intent.

Of course, as the mischievous knave Jester claims the credits for this felonious anti-Baptist action. In the light of my recent writings on Jesus resisting Legion, thereby ending up with John the Baptist and the Holy Spirit, I cannot help but wonder if this is a carefully orchestrated joke. Of course, given that the Swedish Christian Democrats worship God, I want to believe.

I do, however, maintain that Piratpartiet in its recent swing towards Evangelism needs a Baptist counterpart. If you have someone talking you need someone leading the life of a doer. And yes, I believe the IT industry use of the term ”evangelist” is a slightly unsuitable description of an corporate-sponsered marketeer, and yes, I believe that importing it to politics makes it an unsuitable description of a political advocate.

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