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Inspired Anna Troberg: these are things that have concerned me tonight:

There is apparently a Sonera/Telefónica consortium meaning, because Telia and Sonera are now the same, that there is a consortium that Telia and Telefónica are both a part of.

China has their own synchronous code division multiple access standard to avoid intellectual property rights(!). Which patents are they avoiding? Because otherwise there is an intellectual property right on some standard which seems stupid and also something that standard setting organisations (ETSI, ISO, ITU) are currently worried about which insinuates it hasn’t been a problem before.

The theoretical maximum speed for UMTS is 45Mit/s. Yet we are getting 7.2Mbit/s, or, in Belgium not very many bits at all. Why? I suspect Belgacom but I wouldn’t say it out loud. Oh. I suddenly notice I would.

If a standard has not been approved (yet) but the user of such an attempted standard is still in the process of trying to make it a standard (OOXML), can the non-standard non-standard still be used in applications according to the Kroes ambitions of interoperability? Why? Does it have to be open during the application process, when it is not a standard? Kroes mentions neither openness of standards nor pre-standard standardness.

Why were the 3G and 4G auctions for spectrums ending up in such ridiculously high prices? It would appear to me that most of them were won by incumbents anyway (although, for 4G frequencies I am no longer sure because of this comment on my blog which showed me otherwise).

Recently I was on a GSMA meeting in Brussels where commissioner Kroes addressed the issue of roaming. Not once was it mentioned tht roaming costs between UMTS and GMS are ridiculously high. Since Belgium appears to be very behind in deployment of UMTS I find it upsetting that this was not addressed. It appears to be more complicated to roam backwards in time, than forwards (standardwise), but this is not an excuse for extra roaming fees(?) unless it incurs and extra cost on the operator, which it appears not to do other than the extra investment on UMTS infrastructure which perhaps could have been avoided if we didn’t have such a stupid auction system in the first place.

As Commissioner Kroes so amptly stated at the GSMA meeting, the roaming fees for consumers, roaming that costs the operators nothing at all, are still very high for consumers travelling in the union. I have unpleasant experiences with this from a number of occasions and worse, after Commissioner Kroes speech at the event, do not feel at all that this is likely to change at any time soon, or indeed ever.

Is the MAC of UMTS phones the same MACs as with computer hardware? Are they as easy to change? How?

If anyone tries to provide me answers that were not already in the UMTS article on Wikipedia or virtually any of the associated links to that article, please don’t.